Good product photography enhances the perceived value of your products and increases the credibility of your store.

That’s why we have put together not only key tools and resources for beautiful DIY product photography, but also a step-by-step guide to every aspect of the shoot.

This post focuses on one more crucial aspect of product photography: online photo editing. Because no matter how well you shoot your photos, there are always little things to fix and retouch afterwards.

Here are free and paid photo editing tools—including software, services, and apps—that you can use to make your shots even more compelling.

11 Best Paid Photo Editing Tools

1. Photoshop Elements

1.  Photoshop Elements 12

The Photoshop suite is the ultimate in photo editing. Elements offers every image editing tool you need and then some. This is top-of-the-line software, which means that it’s definitely not the cheapest item here.

Note: Consider also Photoshop CC, the latest edition of Photoshop that only costs $9.99 every month.

2. Photoshop Lightroom

2.  Photoshop Lightroom

Elements offers huge functionality in editing photos one-by-one. Lightroom focuses on editing in batches. So it retains many of the features you’d find in Elements, but is especially powerful at organizing and editing pictures at a large scale.

3. Snappa


Snappa’s drag-and-drop editor makes it quick and easy to create your own graphics for blog posts, social media profiles and advertisements. Their tool provides access to over 20,000 royalty-free photos, 3,500 graphics and 200 fonts. It’s free to download up to 5 files per month, or $10 a month for unlimited downloads.

4. Fiverr

5.  Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace for small, inexpensive gigs. There are a lot of people who offer to edit photos, all with their own photography specialities. Too many people to look through? Rank them by “Recommended,” “High Rating,” and “Express Gigs”.

5. Shopify Experts

6.  Shopify Experts

Okay, maybe you’re willing to spend more than $5 on more professional agents. Well, head over to the Shopify Experts page. There are dozens of photography experts you can reach out to for photo editing services.

6. Tucia

7.  Tucia

If you don’t want to spend time hunting down the right person to send photos to, consider Tucia, an agency that has edited over 3.7 million photos. There are three tiers of service for different features, ranging from $8 to $40. One cool service they offer for every tier: unlimited free revisions.

7. Portrait Professionals

8.  Portrait Professionals

If your products involve human models, take a look at Portrait Professionals. It’s a software tool that’s optimized for airbrushing portraits to fix blemishes and reshape the face. With the online download discount, this will only cost you $49.95.

8. Pixelz

Pixelz screenshot

For $1.45 per image, Pixelz uses proprietary software to strip your images of their backgrounds so that you can substitute something in its place (for example, pure white or the right shade of blue). It promises a 24-hour turnaround.

9. Mister Clipping

10.  Mister Clipping

Mister Clipping makes paths by hand, not software, to remove the backgrounds of your photos. Prices start at $0.99 per image, if you’re only interested in the occasional-volume plan.

10. KeyShot

11.  KeyShot

KeyShot is an image rendering software that can create high-definition visuals and models. They can be made so high-def that they look like real photographs. In the right hands, KeyShot can do wonders. It’s used sometimes by big companies to create their marketing materials. At $995, it’s the priciest item on this list, but you can play around with a fully functional license for free.

11. Pluralsight


We’ve given you some pretty sophisticated photo editing tools here. We wanted to include Pluralsight because it’s one of the best learning resources online. It has lessons on many aspects of using Photoshop, KeyShot, and design more generally.

6 Best Free Online Photo Editors

Okay, those paid tools are great, but if you happen to be on a budget or just don’t want to invest a lot of money, no worries. Take a look at the free photo editors below. They may just get you to where you need to be.

12. GIMP

13.  GIMP

GIMP is the most sophisticated free photo editor. You can use it to retouch, edit, and draw. Just download the software and you’re ready to start editing.

13. Fotor

14.  Fotor

Want to edit online, directly on your browser? Take a look at Fotor. It offers editing and beauty retouching. Most cool is its High Dynamic Range feature: you can take three photos with different exposures to combine them into a single image, with the best light and tone from each of the separate photos. You can go pro for added features for just $3.33 a month.

14. PicMonkey

15.  PicMonkey

PicMonkey is another great online photo editor with a very cool feature: collage. You can take various photos and arrange them together. If you have lots of products, you can collage them together for perhaps a store banner or an email newsletter.

15. Pixlr

16.  Pixlr

Pixlr is one of the most widely used image editors online, especially for ecommerce photos. It has four editions, all free: Pixlr Today, Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express, and Pixlr O-Matic. The latter two can also be used as apps.

16. Photo Editor by Aviary

17.  Photo Editor by Aviary

This is a free app that you can use to edit images on your phone. Enhance with high-def, fix red eyes, and adjust various aspects of lighting.

17. Photoshop Express

18.  Photoshop Express

We’ve opened with a very expensive piece of Photoshop software, and we feel that it’s fitting to close with a free one. Photoshop Express is an app for your phone with slightly fewer functionalities than Photoshop Touch. It lets you crop, fix red eye, share on social media, and more.


With recommendations of tools and resources for shooting, a step-by-step guide to using them, and now tools to edit the pictures afterwards, you’re running out of excuses for poor ecommerce photos. Take a look once more through our resources, and improve the way your product images look today.