Great subject header, tracking system and captivating content are some things you can do to get your emails opened. Watch this weeks video on great and easy tips on how to optimize your email marketing strategy.

A software I love for tracking your emails is Streak. Install it to your gmail to help run your entire business through your inbox.

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Is no one opening your email? How do you know? I’m Syama Meagher, CEO of Scaling Retail, and I’m going to show you some really great tips in order to get your emails opened by all the people who you actually want to be communicating with.

Now, when you’re launching and having a fashion business, chances are you’re sending a lot of emails out to a lot of different kinds of people: wholesale buyers, potentially editors, press people, influencers, you name it, right? Your goal is to get your brand in front of as many people as possible. Now, while you’re probably sending out all these great personalized notes, you might be wondering to yourself, “How do I know if anyone’s actually reading them? How do I know if they actually like the content that I’m producing?” Well, there are two things that you can do right now to actually ensure that your emails actually read and opened, and even hopefully responded to.

The very first thing you wanna adopt is a casual yet confident email writing style. This goes not only just for the content inside but also in that dreadful subject header, that subject header where you’re hoping, crossing fingers, that that person’s going to read it and actually want to open it. Now, let me give you a huge tip from here. The best subject headers that actually get opened up are ones that say “Hi” or “Hello”, or even “Circling back” or “Following up”. These very simple subject headers actually have a certain level of confidence and continuity that your reader is ultimately gonna want to feel with you. So if you say, “Hi” in your subject header, that’s way more disarming than “Spring Summer ’16 New Brand Launching,” right? You’re screaming when you write subject headers like that.

Now, the second thing you want to do is to make sure that you install an email tracking program. One of my favorites is actually by a company called Streak. It integrates super easily into any of your Gmail accounts and allows you to see who’s opening up your email and when they are opening up your email. Now, this is crucial when it comes to doing any type of email marketing campaign, especially when you’re not using an autoresponder like a MailChimp, right? You actually want to be able to see these one-on-one communications that you’re writing and if the person is opening them or not. And if they are not opening them, this gives you an opportunity to resend that email with a different subject header using all the same content.

So those are the two main things that you need to be working on when you send out your very next email. I guarantee it. You send an email to me with a very casual subject header, I’m probably gonna open it. Now, before I get off, I want to remind you, the content that you write is really what’s gonna be the clincher to get someone to respond back. So make sure all of that is on point, very direct, short, and specific. Nobody wants their time to be a waste. So keep that in mind when you’re writing your next email.

Alright, guys, for more email marketing tips and ways to improve your business strategy, feel free to shoot me an email at I’d love to hear how these email tricks and tips are working for you, so leave that comment down below. Come find me. I’m on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. So I am where you are. Thanks so much, guys. Have a fantastic day. Bye.