You know I get a ton of traffic, but do you know how much I ACTUALLY get? So much so that the traffic I’m getting is worth over $500,000 per month. Here’s EXACTLY how I do it.

Go to and put in You’ll see right then and there that I’m getting over $500,000 worth of traffic every single month for free. Hi Everyone.  I’m going to share with you how to get over $500,000 worth of traffic to your website every single month for free.

This first thing you need to know is that it’s an online marketing process. You’re not going to get this traffic from one channel.

That’s why I do email marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing. It’s a combination of all the channels out there. If you’re not leveraging all the channels out there, then you’re not going to get a lot of traffic consistently. See, you’re going to have days where Linkedin sends you a lot of traffic, and you’re going to have days where you’re doing well on Google, but everything goes up and down. When you do a combination of everything, you’ll find that there’s much more stability and you’ll continually get more and more traffic on a consistent basis.

So, the first thing, as I mentioned, is leverage all of the main channels out there.

The second thing you need to do is produce amazing content.

So, you go to Buzzsumo. You put in competitor URLs, and you see what’s driving traffic and what isn’t. Do more of the stuff that is driving traffic for them, right? Because, if something’s working for your competitors, chances are it’ll work for you, too. Why recreate the wheel when you can just take what’s working in your space and redo it? So, if your competitors wrote an article on ten ways to get more traffic through SEO, write an article on 101 ways to get more traffic through SEO. I’m not saying copy them.

I’m saying one-upping them. Do something way better.

The next step I have for you is go check out your Google analytics. Your Google analytics shows you your most popular pages. Create more of the pages that are already popular on your site. So, if you notice that all of your articles on SEO are popular, write more SEO articles. If you see all the pages on social media marketing are popular, then do that.

The next step is to create a community. From your Facebook page to your email list, be there. When your community members need help, you better be helping them out. When they don’t need help, of course, you still should be there, communicating with them and still trying to give them help. By creating that community, continually emailing them, helping them, nurturing your email list, you’re going to build a thriving community that’s always going to be there promoting your content.

And last, but not least, get engaged in the social web. I’m not talking about just being on Facebook and being on Twitter. You already know that. But, you know what? I bet you it’s not working well for you.

If it were, you would already be getting a ton of traffic. But, you’re not participating. When someone leaves a comment on your Facebook page, why aren’t you responding? If you don’t respond, no one’s going to care for you. They have no reason to keep coming back. But, if you show that you care and you’re willing to help people out, then they’ll come back, and they’ll put in the time and effort to read your stuff, to gain knowledge from you, to tell others about how you’re amazing.

But, if you’re not helping them out, they have no reason to stick around. So, go out there on your social profiles. Participate. Just don’t talk about your business. Talk about other stuff that engages them that helps them out. It’s all about building a community. Do all of those things, and you’ll generate over a half a million dollars worth of free traffic every single month, like me.