5 New Anti-Theft Trends Every Retail Shop Owner Should Know About


Shoplifters cost retailers over $50 billion last year. The more up-to-date your anti-theft devices are, the better.

Around 36.5% of missing inventory was attributed to outside customers. Employee theft came in second place at 30%. The technology you use to protect your store makes the difference between a sale and a $500+ loss.

Ready to keep your business and inventory safe? Here are five major anti-theft trends you should try in your store.

1. Use Anti-Theft Inventory Management Tools

Don’t just count your inventory by hand. Take stock with a smart barcode scanner that keeps track of all your inventory.

Tools like Vend and Scout Mobile Inventory allow you to do inventory from your phone. These apps can also tell you when something is missing. Research different apps and technologies that keep track of items.

2. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a clever theft prevention trick. Placing a lot of mirrors in your store makes it easier to see people. This also makes it harder to steal.

Mirrors make a space appear larger than it actually is. With strategic mirror placements, you’re telling shoplifters, “Don’t even try – We’re watching you.”

Place mirrors in locations so you can clearly see what people are doing in your store. People will think twice about shoplifting.

3. GPS Tracker

GPS trackers do exactly what it sounds like: They track your items with a GPS. Because GPS trackers are expensive, this anti-theft trend works best on high-value items.

GPS trackers are placed inside the packaging, then monitored during the shipment process. It deters any employees from stealing the package during the shipping process until it’s on the shelf.

These trackers can also alert you if someone takes an item without paying for it. They’ll also show you the GPS location of the item.

4. Security Stands

Security stands allow customers to look at high-end items like laptops, cell phones, and other technology while keeping the items safe. They work by keeping items tethered to the shelves so that customers can’t remove them, but they can still engage with the products.

Each security stand comes with a mount that goes on top of furniture. This holds the item up so it looks professional on display. It also keeps the items stuck to the furniture.

An alarm will sound if someone tries to break the device.

5. Anti-Theft Signage

Anti-theft signs can stop shoplifters before they even start stealing. A clever, well-placed sign lets shoplifters know they’re not welcome and they’re being watched.

You get bonus points if your sign is funny enough to entertain legitimate customers while also deterring shoplifters. For instance, you can get a sign that says, “Free ride in a police car for shoplifters!”

They’ll get the point.

Stay Safe and Keep Shoplifters Away

Shoplifters only have a 1 in 48 chance of getting caught shoplifting and the average shoplifter steals 1.6 times per week.

So when it comes to your inventory, you can never be too safe.

Upgrade your store and discover the best practices you can use to do it. Your customers will thank you.