5 Cool Promotional Event Ideas for Your Retail Store

cool promotional event ideas

Despite the fact that online shopping has grown into a billion dollar industry, in-store foot traffic is still vital for many retailers the world over.

In fact, statistics reveal that 94% of retail sales are still credited to in-store traffic.

However, the challenge remains in attracting customers to a brick-and-mortar store, and one of the best ways to do this is with promotional events.

For cool promotional event ideas for your retail store, find your inspiration in this blog…

Cool Promotional Event Ideas To Boost Foot Traffic

Undeniably, online shopping is far more convenient for many shoppers across the globe, so its popularity has sky-rocketed. In fact, e-commerce represents 10% of all retail sales across the U.S. and is set to increase each year.

So with this conundrum, how does a retail store boost its foot traffic? The key to successful retail store marketing is to host events catered to the right target market.

Here are 5 genius event ideas for retail stores…

1. A Wellness Class

This type of promotional event is right on trend these days, with many a retailer jumping on the health and wellness bandwagon.

Even if your business is not working in the health or wellness industry, you could try out this type of event on a trial basis.

Plan a short 5km run club, a beginner’s yoga class, a competitive yet fun CrossFit class or even guided meditation.

Make sure to offer free refreshments, an expert to guide your classes and a small celebratory meal or gift bag for after the class.

2. A Learning/Educational Event

Educational, ”how-to” events are becoming extremely popular and are an effective way to engage your target audience in-store.

These types of events are all about teaching your customers how to do something they’d be interested in. This can range from a makeup class to a pottery class, to skincare and aesthetics tutorials.

Focus on whatever your business niche is and make sure to offer expertise and knowledge of a well-known industry expert.

Of course, free refreshments and snacks should be part of the event!

3. An Interactive Event

This is similar to an educational event, except your guests are offered the opportunity to get hands-on and interactive.

Offer your guests the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and physically learn how to do something or craft something of their own.

Great examples are chocolate making classes, coffee brewing, cooking classes, jewelry making, custom app creation, and even pot planting!

4. A Charitable Event

The reality is that not all guests will want to focus on themselves – some people may have a genuine interest in giving back!

Charitable events could appeal to those who are looking to a bit of good in the world. So creating an event that allows people to give back to the community is a win-win.

Make the event extra effective and ensure items can be purchased at your store, then donated to a relevant charity. Don’t forget to make your own contribution too.

Great charitable event ideas include charity dinners, food, and clothing drives or an animal adoption fair- who can resist puppies, after all!

5. A Special Guest/Celebrity Event

If you have the right connections, inviting a special guest or celebrity to host your event is a major drawcard for any in-store promotion.

Think about local sporting athletes, a celebrity chef for cooking demonstrations, a well-known makeup artist for educational events etc.

Your customers will love the idea of an out-of-the-ordinary experience and the chance to meet someone they admire!

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Are you the owner of a retail store looking to boost in-store traffic?

We hope these cool promotional event ideas have given you some inspiration!

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