How to Find the Right Influencers That Can Make the Biggest Impact on Your Brand

Today we’re going to talk about how to find the right influencers who can make the biggest impact on your brand. Now, we all know guys that converting Instagram followers who actually love your product is so much easier to get them to talk about your brand than finding new Instagram followers.

New Instagram brand influencers generally are extremely more transactional, you’re kind of coming at them from left field. However, if we start to take a look at different ways in which we can activate and work with people who are already fans of your business, we might be able to find better ways that it can convert. So here are the five ways in which we think you’ll be able to find the right Instagram influencers to help make the biggest impact on your brand.

Number one, I love this business called PeopleMap. PeopleMap is an amazing platform that allows you to mine your existing user base. Number two, we’re going to talk about working with agencies. Number three, we’re going to talk about how to analyze and look at your adjacent brands, brands that kind of sit within your space. Number four, we’ll take a look at strategic hashtags, and how to use hashtags in order to better optimize and find the right influencers for your business. And number five, we’re going to talk about the right channels. What are the right platforms and channels that you can be looking to find the right influencers that are then going to make your brand more visible and help you increase sales?

So PeopleMap like I said is an amazing platform, it allows you to find who your highest followers are for your brand. Meaning, you can see who has the most social capital. Who are the people you should be targeting? And like I said guys, the ones who already love your brand, who have a huge reach, those are the ones that we should be targeting specifically for your Instagram platform. Now also for Instagram we want to start to do research by hashtag. So what does that mean? That means that if your brand is focused on Gothic clothes, you probably want to start doing the hashtag research like #Gothic. People who tend to only search by hashtags like the hashtag #FlashAndBlogger are not necessarily going to be the right fit for you, you’re going to have to do a lot more diluting all of who those online bloggers are and who those Instagram influencers are. So be very specific as you start to do your hashtag research on Instagram.

Now the third thing is looking at the right channels. Now finding influencers aren’t always just for Instagram, we know that there are influencers who have great platforms on Tumblr, influencers who do really well on YouTube, great vloggers out there, and then certainly we have even Power Pinners who are on Pinterest. So when you think about the different channels in which you can get influence, on the different channels in which your customer is engaging with, definitely don’t just think about influencer marketing in terms of Instagram, think about all the different channels in which you can activate in order to really help bring that visibility to your customer who is ultimately the person that we’re trying to attract here.

Now, when you think you found the influencers that might be a good fit for your brand, you’ve got to start to take a look and see, are they also promoting adjacent brands? Meaning, are they also promoting other brands that have a similar price point? Are they promoting brands that have a same niche audience? It really doesn’t make sense for you to work with a fashion blogger that promotes a whole bunch of different kinds of products that aren’t really tailored and focused to one customer. And sometimes we see that this happens when we take a look at different fashion blogger profiles, they just happen to be a big mouthpiece, they are using their brand equity to get sponsorships from everyone, from mass market brands, to more niche brands. And to be honest guys, the consumer who’s following that is probably going to not want all of those products. So as you’re niching down and starting to find the right influencers, make sure that you notice that they’re also pitching specifically to your customer, and that the adjacent brands that they’ve been working with are similar to your particular market.

Now, agencies that connect brands with influencers are really an amazing asset. Why is that? Well, they do all the heavy lifting, they create all the contacts, they manage the relationships, they manage your dollars, and they make sure that you get the ROI that you’re looking for. Now, unfortunately agencies can be expensive, so you have to make sure that it fits within your budget to be able to activate on something like this. Now if you’ve ever tried to do influencer relationships on your own, which most of you have, you’ll probably find that they can be a little messy. You’re dealing with how much money you might be giving this person. How are we negotiating? How do I make sure the photographs look good? What kind of control do I have on this process? Am I actually just giving them the product? Do I get the product back? There’s a lot that needs to be negotiated and a lot of different things that have to go into those contracts. So some of you guys are going to be better off looking at agencies to really be able to act as a marketing leg for you when it comes to influencers and building and bridging those relationships.

Talk to you soon. Bye.