5 Clever Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Retail Business

retail business

Ah, retail. It’s perhaps one of the oldest and definitely one of the most common business models in history.

The question is, with more and more consumers making online purchases, how do you market your retail business digitally–and do it successfully?

Here are 5 clever digital marketing strategies to help you promote your retail business online.

1. Define Your Target Customer

In case you missed out on business 101, defining your target customers is the first and one of the most vital steps to truly market your business successfully in any arena.

Before you can begin any kind of marketing campaign, you must have a clearly defined description and “persona” for who your ideal customer would be.

Once you know the type of person you’d like to reach, you can more successfully create online content to appeal and reach those individuals.

Some helpful questions to ask yourself:

  • What is our target customer’s age, gender, race?
  • How much disposable income do they have?
  • What do they do for work and hobbies?
  • What struggles or interests do they have and need to be resolved?

2. Appease “the Beast”

It’s an undeniable truth in the world of online marketing, you must appease Google if you want any conversions.

Without Google search engine help, your retail business will never be discovered anyway and all that time and money you spent on snazzy marketing campaigns or cute-sie sale banners will be wasted.

So, figure out how to start and manage a Google AdWords campaign and what exactly it is that Google requires a site to posses in order to show up in searches.

3. Find Influencers

Even if your retail business primarily targets senior citizens, finding and securing social media influencers is a hugely valuable marketing asset.

Influencers help get your brand name out there. Potential customers are much more apt to try your product or purchase your services if an “influencer” they are familiar with and trust recommend you.

4. “Content is King”

Do you know who said this? Bill Gates. He knows a thing or two about running a successful business venture, and he’s right about content.

If you want influencers, Google, and thus, potential customers, to find your website and purchase your product, you need quality content on your site.

If you don’t already, start a blog for your shop or service and start writing content that both relate to your product and is valuable to that ideal customer you defined in step 1.

5. “Chat” with Customers

In today’s online business world, customers are used to having their questions or problems solved in real time.

If you want to truly market yourself well online, set up a customer service chat feature on your website. Doing this gives potential customers a sense of security and transparency.

It also enables you to hear from customers and understand their wants and issues better.

Retail Business Help from Peers

For more helpful insights into everything from marketing your retail business to increasing sales, to the latest industry news, why not talk with other retailers?

Learn from and participate in our peer-to-peer roundtable discussions with other retailers around the country. What better way to get ideas to help boost your retail business?