3 Small Business Technology Trends Every Retailer Should Consider

small business technology

Brick and mortar retailers don’t have to get left behind when it comes to technology. There is something special about being able to go into a store and browse around.

You know you have to follow the fashion trends to stay relevant – you also have to follow small business technology trends. 

These are the things that can make sure that you can still reach your target customers in this digital world. We’ve put together a condensed list of three things you can do to keep up with technology.

1. Update Your Payment Methods

It’s no surprise that people like convenience. That’s why so many people are online shopping.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t bring some of that convenience into your retail store. Simple things like Apple or Android pay can go a long way to making people feel like they aren’t wasting time by shopping in the store. 

Another thing many retailers are doing is offering store cards. That can mean a special card that they can load cash onto, a card that connects right to their bank account or a credit card.

Having a store card not only adds to their convenience, but it also breads brand loyalty.

2. Use Influencer Marketing

Potential customers want to see that other people like your clothes. Better then that, they want to see what your clothes look like on people who are like them.

That’s the key to influencer marketing. Find people who are in your target market and get them to post about your shop and your clothes. It’s a way for you to connect to your customer base without them feeling like they are being sold to.

You can even ask people who shop at your store often to start using a specific hashtag and offer them a small discount for posting about your retail store. 

3. Create a Mobile App

About half of small businesses are planning on using mobile apps within the next two years. Just like with online shopping, it’s no shock that people love to be on their phones.

By developing an app for your retail store you can tap into some of that time. In fact, people use 7-9 different apps every day, it would be crazy to not get in on some of that screen time.

You can upload new clothes to the app first, giving your app uses exclusive views to your new looks. Again staying on track with small business technology while building brand loyalty.

Just make sure that your app has a fast load time because even a two-second delay can make people close out of your app without a second thought. 

Stay Up to Date With Small Business Technology

Trends in small business technology are constantly changing, but it’s not impossible to keep up with. If you implement the three things we’ve laid out, you’ll be well on your way.

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