How to Successfully Market Your Store to Millennials

marketing to millennials

Are you the type of business that looks down upon millennials or doesn’t feel the need to market to them? Sorry to say but you should rethink this strategy.

Baby boomers are focused on retirement, which makes Gen X-ers and millennials focused on spending. And millennials are one of the unique consumer markets today.

In a survey conducted by Forbes, almost half of the participants said they appreciate branding and ads tailored to their age group. This is also why twice as many millennials try new and innovative brands, more than Gen X-ers.

Continue reading and know everything about marketing to millennials.

Use Creativity in Your Advertising

Millennials not only grew up around technology. They grew up around innovation. They put new ideas at the forefront. This is why your advertising campaigns should never hold back on creativity.

Information and education drive the millennial consumer. But they also desire amazing imagery, catchy slogans, and other trendy elements they can relate to.

Video Over Everything

90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions. And it’s good to assume these customers are millennials.

Before purchasing your products, millennials are researching your brand. They’re drawn to video because it encompasses essential information into a compelling visual platform, which millennials are accustomed to.

The most important aspect of using video is releasing high-quality videos; outsource a production team and a video editor for best results. Avoid using mobile video, unless you’re posting a social or live video.

Should you use video in every aspect of your marketing? If it fits into your budget, then yes.

If not, then focus on the most essential types of video. This includes social media video, about us videos, customer video testimonials, and how-to videos.

Support Causes

Unlike previous generations, millennials are passionate about making the world a better place.

They’re involved in politics, aware of social issues, and many promote donating to charities — for example, they will ask their friends to donate to charities on their Facebook birthday posts.

Millennials appreciate businesses who support causes. This is why it’s essential you donate to charities or ask consumers to donate. For example, ask customers if they want to round up their change to donate to a specific organization.

Separate the Millennial Demographic

It’s easy to lump millennials into one group. This is a mistake many businesses make. As with every other group, millennials fall into multiple lifestyles, interests, and demographics. Tailor your marketing messages to different groups.

What if your business falls under a specific niche? Do millennial market research and know how to attract the millennials in that niche.

Marketing to Millennials: You Got This

Marketing to millennials seems impossible. You just need to understand their market and know how to attract millennial buyers.

Millennials are educated and passionate consumers. Understand their demographic, personalize your advertising campaigns, and use tools such as charity donations and video marketing.

Need more help marketing your jewelry store to millennials and other demographics? We can help. Read our mission to better understand our brand.