Q & A. What is the best promotion/sale you have ever run in your business?

A. Last year, for Black Friday, I did a guest list-only sale. I sent an Eventbrite link out to all of my email subscribers. Only those who registered could shop for the sale. On the day of, I provided champagne and lite bites to those who attended. One of my sales girls even stood at the door with sunshades, a velvet rope, and a clipboard. My store looked so VIP!  So many people wanted to come in. More than ever before. And because we were serving champagne, we said “If you’re not on the list, you can’t get in. This is an invitation-only sale.” The buzz was amazing. The whole event was crazy exciting!  It was our biggest sales day to date! And I definitely will be doing it again! 😁

A. Zip code sale!

A. I do a Big Sidewalk Sale at the end of every summer and pull everything from the past year that didn’t move most items are marked cost or a little below but it moves it out and then I have 10% off Reg price inventory… last year I did 14K in one day👍🏻 This year will be my 9th year and it seems to do better every year.

A. I did “Warehouse Weekend” and all dresses were $20, all top $18, and all basics and accessories were $10. These events would bring in no less than $9000 days. Tons of fun and the line out the door was insane!

A. My 50% off storewide sale I do every year on December 31st. It’s pretty much the only blanket sale I do and it’s a good one! Plus, I don’t have to count all that inventory on January 1st!

A. Grab bag sales and a $10 clearance rack.

A. Spin the wheel always works well for me.

A. We are about to do a new “sale on the sale rack” thing starting in Sept. The last Saturday of the month… if it’s on sale take 20% more off the sale price. One day only per month. Stay tuned…. We did it two weeks ago… it was great.

A. Yearly anniversary sale. Buy one get one 1/2 price. No limit! 2 days only. They buy two at a time. We just sold more than a week’s worth of merchandise in 2 days. We do it every year.